Welcome to The Nest

“Our youngest children are cared for in our inviting and homely baby rooms, which we call The Nest”.

This self-contained unit is made up of two rooms, both rich in natural light as well as being cosy and warm. This calming environment is full of resources which support our babies and toddlers growing curiosity and independence from birth to two years old. The large low level windows allow endless opportunities for observation and conversation as cars, people, horses and dogs pass by the nursery.

Babies and toddlers are introduced to new experiences and are given time to explore their surroundings safely using their senses. We have a large range of resources including open-ended and wooden resources and we also use Treasure baskets and Heuristic play to introduce the babies to sensory and tactile based activities. They have access to our one acre garden area as well as having their own dedicated play space outside, providing lots of opportunities to explore the world, enhance their physical skills and use their developing senses.

The experienced, qualified and long serving staff team are passionate about the care and development of our youngest children and have been chosen to work with this age group because of their knowledge, experience and expertise. In their role as key person, the staff ensure that routines such as nappy changing, feeding and settling to sleep are opportunities for ‘one to one’ time, and are consistent with your routines at home.

Each room provides a ‘cosy corner’ for relaxing, sleeping or looking at books, and space for children to explore and play. There are nappy changing areas, where babies are changed and nappies and wipes are stored, and a separate sleep room where cots are provided for sleep times. We provide each baby with their own set of bedding and observe them through visual checks and via our video monitor.

Staff record information for parents in our daily diaries. This includes sleep times, meals and snacks and nappy changes. This information is shared with parents together with details of all the wonderful activities and experiences that your child has enjoyed during their day with us.

We believe it is vital that we base your child’s day around their individual needs and routines and therefore our room routines are not rigid, but instead flexible and reactive, ensuring each child receives the same opportunities for play and exploration but at a time that responds to their needs.

We will ensure your child settles well into nursery life from the beginning, within a comfortable, safe yet stimulating environment. Our settling in sessions and optional home visit, are a time to ensure each child becomes familiar with the environment and the staff, in particular their key person. During this time, we will discuss routines, likes and dislikes and provide support for each family with the transition too.